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The Negev ecosystem has been durable for the past decade, thanks to government decisions, high quality entrepreneurs, functioning communities and more…


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Sector: Big Data

A continuation of Jerusalems, Labs/02 Early stage fund and incubator, backed by OurCrowd and Reliance, aimed at funding deep tech startups.

Cyber security   Digital Health


Sector: Artificial Intelligence

Developing an AI management system for drowning prevention and data-powered water management.

AI   Cleantech   Energy   Sea


Sector: Health Care

"RESPISAFE" has developed a new mobile hybrid ventilator for manual ventilation.

Health   Medical Device

Sphere Technologies LTD

Sector: CleanTech

Developed an innovative cooling system that is highly adapted to Global Warming effects and delivers significant energy savings.

Cleantech   Climate Tech   Desertech


Sector: AgroTech

SaaS platform, enables the producers, distributors & retailers to better plan their destinations.

Agrotech   Cleantech   Desertech   Saas


Sector: Digital health & fitness

Physical therapy treatment (PT & OT) through a virtual environment allows an individual to receive real-time feedback and improve performance.



Sector: SAAS

Engini provides IPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) solutions that can be used to build complex workflows and apps with no-code.

no-code   Saas


Sector: Gaming

Leading a whole new generation using an active textile platform in a human-machine interface.

Gaming   VR

Finsec innovation lab

Sector: Undetermined

A lab focused on innovation in FinTech and Cybersecurity.

Digital wallet   Identity verification   Iot Security

Yopi Technologies

Sector: Life Sciences

Developed a noninvasive device and technology that is monitoring in real-time cardiovascular fitness based on analyzing changes in ions in Eccrine swe

AI   Health


Sector: General

SouthUp is the materialization of the second alternative, of production and strength. It is an alternative that strengthens and firms up all levels of

Desertech   General


Sector: General

CanNegev Technology Incubator based in Yeruham. Our vision is to transform Yeruham and the Negev into a world-class knowledge center.


Incubit Ventures

Sector: Big Data

Incubit Ventures is the technological incubator of Elbit Systems. We invest in early-stage deep tech startups.

Cyber security   Drones   Energy   Optics

Super Polymer

Sector: Retail

The company's technology improves a wide variety of products, reduces the ecological footprint, and removes health hazards.

Green Construction   Industrial Technologies   Materials   Saas   Supply Chain


Sector: Gaming

Flare is an immersive video gaming community experience that helps small streamers grow their following and gain visibility.

Content Sharing   Gaming Live Streaming

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