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What are Lasting Effect’s tablets for? Compact tablets designed to revolutionize the way medicines are absorbed in our bodies. The absorption efficiency of most drugs taken trans digestively is impaired and requires an increase in dosage and consequently in the side effects. In contrast, Lasting Effect’s tablets, almost imperceptible due to their small size, are not swallowed, but adhered in the oral cavity, stimulating saliva production and slowly dissolving, in the mouth for up to 8 hours. The absorption of the active materials in the body is carried out buccally and sublingually, improving the efficiency and the speed of the absorption up to 4 times, significantly reducing the dosage and consequently the side effects. What are Lasting Effect’s tablets suitable for? The tablet is actually a novel buccal extended-release drug delivery system designed for various medical uses, depending on the active materials loaded on it. The first drug that the company developing, starting clinical trials, intended for the treatment of Gingivitis – gum infections, one of the most widespread diseases in the world. According to initial testing, Lasting Effect’s tablet are up to 2 times more effective than the market leader, based on Chlorhexidine, a material with many negative side effects. Another drug Lasting Effect is currently developing is to treat motor complications and tremors of Parkinson’s disease patients.

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