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The Best Way to Enter The American Market

What is the best way to enter the American market?

As part of her workshop at Magnet Accelerator, Dr. Maria Blekher shared all the best practices for entering the American market: The Journey to Product Market Fit.

This workshop is designed to help early-stage startups to strategically prepare their plan for entering the American market, through the journey of reaching product market fit.

Through this workshop, founders will gain insight into the concept of product market fit: 

  • understand cultural differences
  • explore ways to find and assess product market fit
  • discover and analyze customer’s needs and challenges
  • develop a unique, market-oriented value proposition and strategy.









Dr. Maria Blekher is a New York City-based growth strategist, investor, and behavioral scientist with a specialized focus on go-to-market strategy and a profound understanding of consumer behavior.


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