Product Marker Fit Workshop

Magnet Accelerator batch #3

Three golden tips for product market fit:


Yosi Dahan, entrepreneur, co-founded ProveSource,, PurpleAds., opened the first Magnet Accelerator workshop.

Workshops on Product Market Fit – the basis for company decisions.

The entrepreneurs participating in the accelerator received tools to improve the product’s suitability for the target audience, sell better, understand the importance of personalization, perform automation and think about how to be creative and stand out above everyone else.


Yosi’s 3 main tips:


  1. Sell before building: Do you have an idea? That’s very nice. The next step is to identify whether someone is willing to pay for it. The first thing you should do is create a professional landing page that conveys the impression that the product already exists. Make sure to bring as much traffic to the page as possible to collect leads for signing up. 


  1. Always be on “Sales-Mode”:  “We have an amazing product that solves 1-2-3, and we’ve had conversations with similar companies, and we’re sure that our product suits you too” is a much stronger statement than ” I would be happy to schedule a meeting with you to get your feedback on our product.”


  1. Automations: your time is precious- automate everything you can, from sending emails to posting on LinkedIn.


Thank you Yosi and good luck to all the Magnet’s members.


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